Aquaculture Pond Liners

Modern Aquaculture method will yield higher survival rate of fish and shrimp which gives you higher returns from your sweats and hard works.

Polyethylene Liner

Traditionally, earthen ponds and raceways are used for shrimp or fish farming. This conventional practice mostly causes deadly diseases to fish and shrimp from nowhere and soil contamination. Which results in inconsistent yields.

These problems can be removed and reduced by applying Polyethylene liner. Polyethylene liner is safe, durable, impervious surface and has nontoxic properties. It gives you more control over your farming environment. Thus makes it a perfect layer for aquaculture.

Currently, polyethylene lining system (HDPE/LDPE) is gaining traction as the world’s most widely used liner for Aquaculture practices.


We provide development and construction service of Polyethylene liners for fish and shrimp farms to help aquaculture farmers to get better result in farming.