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Provide technical solution, probiotic, mechanical equipment, harvesting service and aquaculture feed in farming fish and shrimp to all farmers.

What We Do

We are dedicated in delivering efficient and effective solution to you with integrity and accountability using both proven and innovative methods.

Aquaculture Feed

High growth of fish and shrimp is always the goal of farmers. We supply premium quality feed that meet specific nutritional requirement for different life stages of fish and shrimp .


Healthy fish and shrimp is essential key in increasing the survival rate. We provide probiotics that could control the ecology of aquaculture and improve disease resistance and growth of fish and shrimp.

Test Kits

We supply Aquaculture Test Kits with high accuracy rate in checking water and ecological parameters of farming ponds to make sure the living environment of fish and shrimp is under control.


We provide chemicals to aid and support you for various circumstances in farming.

Harvest Service

We help farmers to harvest and deliver their fresh farmed fish and shrimp to wet market through our dedicated sales channel. Our skillful team have experience in harvesting and is always ready.

Aquaculture Pond Liners

Traditionally, earthen ponds and raceways are used for shrimp or fish farming. This method yield inconsistent result. Then, Polyethylene liner (PE liner) is introduced to improve aquaculture experience.

Aquaculture Supplies

We provide aquaculture tools and equipments that helps to innovate and enrich quality farming experience.

Delivery Service

Introducing our innovative delivery service partnership with Es Parcel. Together, we offer a hassle-free experience, delivering your goods promptly to your customers’ doorsteps. 


We aim to bring fresh seafood and cooking inspiration to every chef in the world

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" I am happy with the chemical products. I wanted to control my Shrimp Pond PH value and speaking with the customer service helped me get exactly what I am looking for.
"Fantastic feed, lovely people and great service. Thanks for giving me tips in farming. Look forward for more fine products from you.
" Never thought that they could supply me what i need for every stage of farming. Be it controlling water quality, growing fish, or harvesting. They could do it all !

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