Personal Assistant

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Job Description

  • Provide general assistance and support to the Chief Executive Officer.
  • Able to work closely with all departments to achieve greater operational efficiency and to facilitate effective communication to/from the Chief Executive Officer office.
  • Record and prepare minutes of various meetings and prepare presentation and follow-up on action plans. Able to plan, coordinate and monitor schedule.
  • Ready to undertake assignments and other special tasks, ad-hoc duties assigned from time-to- time.
  • Prepared to learn about aquaculture, sales and marketing.


  • Prefer able to read/write in any these 3 languages: Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese or English.
  • Good understanding of the latest marketing trends and techniques.
  • Good understanding of Aquaculture
  • Ready for challenges.
  • Prefer people with diligent, positive, motivated and enthusiastic towards work and life, and show gratitude to people.

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